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Setting up a virtual office could provide individuals with prolific opportunities. It might even act as an advantage to an existing business as employees will get an immense amount of flexibility to work without hassles. They would be able to work freely from anywhere and anytime, which makes them proactive and helps an organization collect talents globally. It saves costs for the business too. For instance, a virtual business platform wouldn't need any furniture cost, overhead cost, or even rent expenses. With the flair passage of time, virtual offices in india are becoming more prominent in India. Services of such offices are provided in all the 29 states of the country. The platform you will be demanding your needs will be more than willing to go above and beyond to fulfill it. You would be able to expand your business empire worldwide, virtually without any issues. For you to understand things better, and learn about its services, have a look at the featured points.

Services Offered by Virtual Office

Tons of services to choose from! Start with an email to your customer support. It includes all of them. Have a look at the following points to understand better.

Online Services

According to your preferred packages, online services would aid you with your mails. All your emails will be handled without losses.


Such services provide entrepreneurs with bank registration facilities and the nameplate to be fixed on the wall!

Virtual Business Address

You will be able to get your virtual business address for all your paperwork, mail work, company commencement, and even GST registration.

Google Listing

You will use your virtual address on your business card or Google listings that come with a package.

Customer Support Services

Get your customer support services too over an email or call!

Dedicated Call Number

You will also be provided with a dedicated call number just for your company.


All voicemails will be recorded and sent to your business mail without delays.

Virtual Assistant

Your seasoned virtual assistant will be working with you all year round to execute important tasks assigned to them. It doesn't end here. He or she will be able to represent you in case of any meeting.

Businesses That Can Avail Such Services

Any business house can avail of such services. All you need is to provide the service providers with KYC and other necessary documents. However, if you plan to opt for a business firm in more than a single state, then GST could be a matter of concern. In such cases, a new registration is required, along with different rules. Even if your services cater to different states, it has to be according to the invoice rules and tax with that state. Getting your GST number could be beneficial as it will help reduce the tax burden and help your business run globally with ease.
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Types of Virtual Offices

Different types of plans for your virtual office in india can range from space to business registration, GST registration, or a mailing address. With all of these methods, you will be getting all your necessary documents such as location address, GST number, and NOC number at your fingertips.

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Why Get Your Virtual Business Address?

It is an essential step for any business to prosper and earn trust from investors or clients. Without an address, you won't be able to excel or expand your business. Having a virtual address at a prime location would provide a strong foundation for your business. You can use it to handle important emails and contacts. A Mail forwarding address would be available in every town or city worldwide, wherever you want.

Virtual Office: Worth it Or Not?

After all that you have read, it might still hit you somewhere about whether it is worth investing in or not. When you have a virtual address at a prime location, it increases your esteemed company's professionalism. It helps you to carry out all your regular business activities without hassles. Moreover, it helps curate a good network among you and your employees. No matter where you are, you will be able to focus and work on your business from anywhere and anytime. You don't have to bear the cost of buying or renting a business office when you have the option of having it digitally. It would also help you become more productive, and communication becomes straightforward, which ensures less wastage of time.

Moreover, your location isn't fixed forever. You can change it anytime you want to. There is no hard and fast rule where you need to thrive with a single address only.

Now, it's up to you to decide what suits you better? A physical office where you need to pay heft costs or a Hot desk to globally operate business functions. Visit virtualofficeinindia.com and check out what surprises it has for you and your business.


What is a virtual office?

A virtual office is essentially a service that provides all the businesses and the owners with similar perks to a commercial property. These perks include an official address, official telephone number, administration and communication services, meeting room access. A virtual office is all opposite of physical office space, but with similar facilities. The concept of virtual office in india has become popular, especially amongst the entrepreneurs and freelancers who have been working from home, but also at the same time look for a professional sounding business address for their company.

It gives the entrepreneurs or the freelancers, the similar benefits of a 'Brick and Mortar' location without spending on the office rent and other aspects. The biggest USP of a private address is that it adds credibility to the business, making it even easier to attract potential clients. Moreover, as it can be pronounced, private address are considered ideal for either freelancers, single entrepreneurs, or small businesses who can quickly process their business by working remotely or virtually. Hence, virtual offices' conceptin india is gaining more and more popularity post the entire COVID-19 pandemic and the whole new transformation, where the world had to make their house as a private address.

Who needs a virtual office?

If you are running his or her business from home or have hired a small place at someone else's office, but want to add to your clients' overall credibility, you would require a virtual office's services in india. The primary purpose of a virtual office is to help the businesses in india that are working from remote set up to get a legal official address, which gives their clients a surety that the company is authorized and is not illegal. It provides the client's impression that the business has a full-fledged running office.

Someone who operates from their home or their friend's house will surely need a private address because customers still feel confused when a business operates from a bedroom or just on a spare kitchen table. It does not instill the customers' required confidence in your business, even though it may be highly legal and known. Hence, especially in the initial stages to set up your base, when you do not want to spend a considerable amount of money on paying the rent and another infrastructural costs, it is better to go for a Shared office. It is essential to make your customers feel confident.

Can I use a virtual office for company registration?

If you could use a virtual office for company registration in india, the answer to your question is a prevalent one, and often people do not have much clarity about it. The answer is yes; you can use the Shared office for your company registration. You can even use the company office for GST and various other things. The Shared office gives a professional address to the company; hence it can easily, legally, and ethically be used for multiple business correspondences and emails.

Also, having an effective post forwarding service means that the business will get their emails on time. The Mail forwarding does not need any lease, utility payments, hardware, etc.; there is no other added cost attached to it. The virtual office providers also have a virtual phone number. Like in any other office, the Marketing site consists of a Live receptionist, mail handling services, Live fax, etc. Hence, just like one uses the typical office, similar facilities can be used for Hot desk in company registration.

Hence, in most layman terms, yes you can very well use the Coworking address in india for company registration but might have to change the address later if you end up shifting into a physical space.

How much do virtual offices cost?

There is no doubt that virtual spaces are very cost-effective and are the best alternatives to the renting or buying of offices. These are considered a perfect solution for those who do not need a physical space, but rather are alright to continue with a virtual space. Virtual offices are a great way of removing unnecessary expenses in india. Like the multiple office solutions – various packages are available that allow choosing the needed services, with some add-ons here and there that are available throughout.

Contracts for the virtual spaces are generally flexible that offer support similar to that of the physical office. Overall, the Coworking address cost in india varies depending on the various factors, and we cannot state the exact price of the cost. Generally, when you are just operating at home, without any facilities, that is called work from, you would not have to take up any cost in such a case. But in case you want to set up a company, and want to do proper registration, you might be expected to pay a certain amount depending on multiple situations.

Can I use a Virtual address as my legal business address?

The registered office address is one of each company's essential legal requirements falling in limited companies and limited liability partnerships (LLP). The primary purpose behind this is to provide the companies, HMRC, and various other Government bodies with the official address where there can be the delivery of the legal notices and statutory mails. One can always use the virtual office address as the standard business address in india, and this is applicable for both residential and non-residential addresses. The registered office does not need to be in the same part of the country where your trading activities are, as it can be set up as a Coworking address in india as well.

Although this is one question that is asked multiple numbers times, and there is not much clarity about it. But if you are looking forward to investing in a Shared office and have queries regarding if you can use this as the legal address, the answer is very much a yes. You can use this as the standard business address, as it is authenticated by the laws. However, you might have to change the address if you plan to shift into a later physical office location.

Why virtual office is the best?

Although there are multiple reasons to state why the virtual office is the best. However, here are some of the stated advantages of private address in india

Why virtual office is the best?

Although there are multiple reasons to state why the virtual office is the best. However, here are some of the stated advantages of Shared office in india:

  • The facility of giving a professional address: One of the most significant benefits of virtual offices is that, at cheaper costs, the businesses get a professional address to put it on their website and the various marketing materials. Hence, this sounds ethical and adds to the overall credibility.

  • Administration Services: There are many times when businesses require additional services for handling the project. Hence, these are services that can easily be provided by virtual offices. Such services involve audio typing, copy typing, outbound calls, data cleaning, customer care follow-ups, etc. Hence, it becomes easy for businesses to operate this way. 

  • Telephone Numbers: Virtual offices give businesses a virtual and authorized phone number in india. The number type is chosen based on the geography from where the business is being operated at. But one can always choose the non-geographic numbers as well, as that provision is also given to the businesses. 

How does a virtual address work?

The working of the virtual office is very similar to that of the typical physical office in india. The only difference is that all the processes here happen remotely. Right from the address of the business, the FAX, telephone number everything is virtual. However, one can avail the similar type of services like they avail during a regular office.

The Shared office employees cannot end up meeting each other or working with each other in person. They have to resort to virtual calls, meetings, fun activities, but the work is done in full swing. Proper legalization is also supposed to be carried out.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a virtual office?

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of a Shared office:

Advantages of Virtual address:

  • Budget: One of the most significant benefits of a virtual office is the budget aspect. An individual can save on multiple overheads with a conference rooms such as rent, electricity, furniture, equipment, and added staff. Hence, businesses or the owner can put the same cost for use in a much productive place, from where the company will benefit.
  • Flexibility: The current culture today demands only work and no sleep. Hence, unlike the physical office spaces, the private address offers immense flexibility. That means you can work at 2 AM or 3 PM, and the office will never be shut. Employees and employers have access to work at any point of the day as per the work. 
  • Less time waste: This is one of the most significant advantages of virtual offices in india. When we are in the office or work together, we waste a lot of time that involves taking coffee or tea breaks, lunch breaks, meeting our friends, etc. However, in the case of a private address, this Is not the scenario at all. One can always work in peace all alone, without any disturbance. Hence, this only adds to the working better. 

The disadvantage of Virtual Office:

One of the most significant disadvantages of private address is that it lacks the social interaction touch. The employees do not have access to each other in person, having a good time meeting each other, playing games with each other. Everything is just limited to being restricted on the internet, and no social interactions in real.

What are the features of a virtual office?

Here are some of the prominent features of a virtual office:

  1. Telephone Answering: Virtual offices are provided with the service of telephone answering, which allows all the companies, regardless of their size to get their calls redirected to the private address, and these calls can be answered in the name of the company by any experience PA. The process works exactly how it works in any office, where the receptionist picks up the calls and then transfers them to the relevant department. Another advantage is that the calls can also get forwarded to the staff members in the same way, as it would get otherwise. 
  2. Business Address: A virtual office provides the companies with a professional business address that the clients use to mention on their website or put it out in the multiple marketing materials. If the client receives any post on the virtual address, that can be forwarded to the client. If the client Is living locally there, he or she can opt to collect it as well. Another added service provided by the Coworking address in india is that the cheques that are received for the clients can easily get lodged at the bank. Hence, the professional address does act as a great advantage.  
  3. Personalized Voice Mails: One of the best features of virtual offices is that it gives access to the facility of personalized voice mails. A greeting message in the form of customized voice mail is recorded to announce the company's name and then ask the caller to leave a message. This adds to the overall credibility of the existence of the business. The message that is left with the caller gets emailed to the employees in the MP3 format, and then they can continue to listen to the message Also, it also gives the feature of returning the urgent calls. 
How do you create a virtual office or How do you set up a virtual office?

In setting up a Coworking address in india., one will need to properly prepare a legal document and get the virtual company registered. During the company reporting, one has to officially submit their office address along with the phone number and other details. Hence, post the registration, the private address gets set up, and the virtual office's working is very similar to that of any regular office, with the only difference being that everything here happens virtually without any physical activity taking place.


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